The ordering of categories appears to be broken

If I go to the manage categories screen (4 Tabs: Contacts, Mails, Events and Tasks) then I have the ability to move categories up and down using two buttons.

But if I have a category available for more than one of the tabs (i.e I enable most categories for all 4) then moving it on, say the Contacts tab results in it changing position on the Mails tab.  “Fixing” it on the Mails tab repositions it back on the Contacts tab.

Tbh I’d be happy with a basic alphanumeric sort for all 4 tabs, the current implementation is strange, I’m assuming it’s a bug.

emClient ver: 6.0.22344.0
Unregistered (still evaluating, this isn’t a dealbreaker but it’s a real pain)

Hello Rob, I’m afraid I’m not definitely sure what you’re referring to, are you suggesting that if you move up/down the category in the list under Tools > Categories, the category moves randomly in the lists you’ve assigned it to?

Thank you,

Ok, here’s some pictures.

  1. Select Tools -> Categories
  2. Watch what happens to the “Shopping” category as it progresses
  3. I’ve blanked out some of the contacts for privacy reasons

Here’s what Contacts looks like before we do anything

Note how Shopping is in the alphabetically correct position

Here’s what the Mails tab looks like before we do anything

Shopping is in the wrong position (indeed, it’s after the colour categories that I can’t delete - which is a bit annoying but one for another day)

So now I move Shopping up to above the Red Category:

but when I click back to the Contacts tab, Shopping has moved, it used to be above Travel but now it’s above Personal.

If I now move it on Contacts it jumps back to the bottom on Mails.

Is that a good enough explanation?  I’m just trying to get it so that categories are sorted alphabetically in the selection combo-boxes when I add them to Mails/Contacts/Events etc…


Hello Rob, thank you for reporting this, I was able to reproduce this behaviour with the categories, but unfortunately this is due to the current way eM Client handles the category list. As when you add a category or remove it, eM Client maintains a single category list, but some of it’s items are only available on some of the tabs, thus may display differently.

I’ve reported this to the developers and we’ll be working on a solution to future releases, however it requires to restructure the way eM Client works with the categories which may take some time.


Thanks for getting back to me.  I’d be happy with the same category list across all the tabs (Contacts, Mails, Events, Tasks) but it appears some are mandatory and specific to certain Tabs (Mails for example has Red, Blue, Green, etc Categories pre-define that I cannot delete).

If I made all categories available across all tabs, would that solve my problem?

Hello Rob, yes I believe making all categories available for all the tabs, should allow you to order the list alphabetically, however we’ll try to improve the application’s behaviour in this matter for future releases of eM Client.