The only workable solution!

I have ICal running on a Mac Os X 10.6 server and nothing worked for me on my PC until I found eM Client. I tried every client available and had deal breaking issues with all of them. I was about to give up. Then I found eM Client. Thank you so much!

I agree with Todd Schreder that this is a very good program and works right out of the “box” with little trouble. I too have used many e-mail clients without any success. WebMail is not my idea of e-mail. I want my mail on my system so I can do things with it with my system, attachments, create from my ideas. Not what is provided through all of the advertisements scattered over my browser and my mail is in a small columns some where in the middle and needing to be scrolled up to see.

Thank you!

If you or the company can make some improvement in the responses to our postings would be an enormous boost to our ability to maybe gain more users for you. Ten days after the first post and nine days after the one I had made is not responsive. The same day would make things a little bit better. I was at least close to 24 hours after the first post by Todd Schreder. I know these are not troubles needing some assistance. I had one that took several days, maybe a week, to get a response and I had already solved my own problem and did not need the instructions given. I had attempted some of the procedure given prior to receiving them and it did not work. That then prompted me to do a complete removal and fresh install, that did work after doing some minor adjustments for myself.

Thank you for reading my post here,