"the message wasn't downloaded" with offline mode On

Hello everybody,

I’ve a Gmail account using EM Client.

As I want to download all my messages for offline use, I’ve checked this option a few days ago (Accounts / IMAP).

Anyway, my messages are still not downloaded. When I disconnect from the web, I always have this error message for my emails : "“Download message : the message wasn’t downloaded”

Please could you help me solving this problem ?

Thanks a lot !

I believe the message is not downloaded until you open it, even with the parameter enabled that you mention.  The difference is that with that parameter it stores the message body after initial download.

So, open your messages while online, then they should all be available after disconnecting from the internet.

You’re right Jay, my message is downloaded if I open it before while online. But that’s not my need as I want all my new messages to be automatically downloaded when I’m online, so I can read all these messages when I’m offline.
I add another computer some months ago, and this “offline donwloading mode” worked fine. Since I’ve changed computer, it does not work anymore and I do not know why …
Any other idea ?

Nobody knows how to solve this problem ? :frowning:

I guess at this point, it’s more of a feature request…