The message exceeds the maximum supported size

I report an error. EM doesn’t send massages regardless of size. 
Diagnostic context:
Lid 55847
Lid 43559
Lid 52176
Lid 50032
Lid 35180
Lid 23226
Lid 27962
Lid 31418

Hi Antonio,
can you tell me more about this error? Do you have a screenshot of the error message?
Does this happen on one or all of your accounts? If so, how are they set up?

Best regards,

how can I send my file of 25 MB . …aahhhhahaha, what the,ff. do I have to spebnd this day TOOOO, troubelshooting !!! hoew do I adjust the seize of attachment to send ???

eM Client does not have any limit of the attachment size that you can send. That has to do with your email provider. But you can set a reminder in eM Client if the attachment is over a certain size, that way you don’t run into any trouble. You will find the setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Confirmations. If your provider does not allow attachments over 10MB, then just set that.

If the attachment is too big, then you will be notified, and can cancel sending that message and alter the attachment.

If your provider does not limit attachment size, then just disable that setting.