The mail can not show the table that was pasted from excel

Hi team,

My boss sent an email to my team.
In that mail, he pasted a table from excel (new tasks).
When I get mail, I DONT SEE any table?
My teammate get that mail via gmail and see no problem.
I miss information from my boss by your client mail.

Could you please check this bug?

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Huy,
which version of eM Client are you currently running? Can you check the full number in Help>About section?
What mail service did your boss use? Is it gmail also?
What mail account did you receive the message with?


Hi Olivia,

I used eM Client 6… yesterday.
My boss is using gmail.
My account is gmail too.

Anyway, I have get eM Client 7 today - and no problem with that email :slight_smile:
I love your email client.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Hello Huy,
glad to hear version 7 solved the issue for you :slight_smile: