The lack of the said information is especially problematic in the case of being in posession of several e-mail addresses

Greetings,I have a question. In the program, one can create folders, subfolders, as well as take advantage of certain scripts making it possible to transfer incoming mails to desired places, namely – formerly created folders. Everything is clear here as it is a standard feature. The folder tree may be rolled in or out. If a significant number of folders are created – for the easiness of use – folders containing subfolders are rolled in, as otherwise the listing would be exceptionally long. However, if such folders are not visible and a new mail is transferred to one of such rolled in folders, I receive no notification about the said fact. In thebat! for example, when a new mail is transferred to a rolled in folder, a number of new messages appears next to it (depending on how many of them have been sent there). It is a clear indication that within the structure, there is a new mail.The lack of the said information is especially problematic in the case of being in posession of several e-mail addresses.In eM client, I cannot see such an option and I do not know how to enable such a function or activate a script that will help me to overcome the said problem.
Without the aforementioned feature, the application is useless, unless one utilizes it to check the inbox folder only.
I would be grateful for any support in this regard.
Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards

There is a simple way to know that you have new emails in rolled in folders…use the ‘smart folders’ and choose display the ‘unread’ smart folder.  You will see a list and location of all unread emails.

It works well.

Please, provide me with some guidelines as to where to find those settings.

Hello Junzi,
is the unread messages count broken on an IMAP account perhaps?
If so, go to Menu>Tools>Accounts and under the IMAP tab of your account check the option to ‘Download messages for offline use’
This way eM Client will always know the number of unread messages in specific folders.

The optiong Fitness above suggest is the Smart folders.
Those are activated in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>General (Show Smart folders).
These folders will show all messages from all your accounts depending on certain Criteria - All Inboxes will show all messages from all accounts’ inboxes, Unread will show ALL unread messages from all accounts and folders, etc.