The imap account is not pulling new mail or updating status unless I do a "repair" of the inbox.

I am using a godaddy IMAP account. It has been working for the past 6 months without issue. With the most recent update, it will pull mail only when I first start the program. Throughout the day, it will check and I will see an icon next to the inbox with three dots, but no mail. If I right click, properties, repair, it will connect pull the mail, and update the contents of the box. What can I do to fix this?

this issue has been reported by several users in the recent week or so, there’s an official thread to this issue here:
However, in a shortcut the issue is caused by GoDaddy and we’re currently in dialogue with them trying to resolve the issue.
But because the issue is not based in the application, our options are limited.

Thank you for understanding, we know this is a serious issue and we hope fix will come soon.