The Home Edition of eM Client

I have two email accounts and I want to sync with google calendar. The google calendar is not associated with either email account. Do I qualify for the free edition? Or, does the google calendar mean I have three accounts?

I thought that the calendar was a part of the account… But then I could be wrong.

I originally used the Google choice to setup the Google account. That gave me IMAP for the mail and the calendar under one account. There was no choice for POP. I want to use POP for my Gmail. So I deleted that account and used ‘E-Mail Account’ to setup Gmail with POP. That gave me Gmail but no calendar choice. I set up the Google calendar separately with no email. I don’t know whether the Calendar only setup counts toward the two account limit.

When you use POP3 and calendar in separate accounts, it is counted as 2 accounts.

OK. The Google mail setup has IMAP, but not POP. Is that correct?

Yes, why do you want to use POP3 instead of IMAP, what is the advantage? We can probably create a special POP3 grouped google account, but it would be problematic when autodetection is used.

I have always used POP with Google. I tried to adapt to IMAP when I first started to try this program, because that is what was offered. It did not work for me. I move emails to various and different folders. The program would sometimes freeze when I attempted to move an email. When I fetch email with POP there is no problem moving email around. Thanks for listening.

Maybe I can give you a small advice. The things you describe might be caused by the fact that eM Client downloads only necessary parts of messages on IMAP, so when you moving messages it must be downloaded completely at first. However there is an option, that eM Client will download all messages in a folder completely. You can find this option when you right clicki on imap folder and select Properties->Offline->Download messages for offline use.
Hope this will help a bit.

OK, I will work with that idea over the weekend. Thanks,