The eM Client archive function is not well explained. Please advise

  1. If I set automatic archive in 10 days, does that mean
        my inbox has NO viewable emails older than 10 days?
  2. The next option: 'Archive messages older than “X” days"
        Wait!  I just archived everything past 10 days…
        what happens at “X” days that is different?
  3. I have GMAIL and I REALLY REALLY REALLY like to leave
        lots of Emails on my GMail server as a deep hole backup.
        I’ve got plenty of space, and sometimes its’ helpful to search
        on old emails many months old.  So:
        If I use eM Client to ARCHIVE a message (10 day or X?)
        are these old emails REMOVED from my GMail server? 
        If so, how to I KEEP them on my GMail Server. 
  4. Without Archiving, I get so many emails that I notice I have
        to manually mark each email ‘READ’ as the very fast Win10
        PC I have slows down … I must have too many hundreds of
        emails someplace in eM Client to be swift & auto-read when
        actually read the email.
  5. The FAQs say Archived emails are buried deep under the
        users… \roaming\emclient \\      rabbit hole.  So:
        a) How to I actually view / find an old archived email?
        b) Does the archive metastasize like cancer: many YEARs of stuff?
  1. This option determines how often the automatic process will run. Once messages are archived using Automatic Archive, they will be moved from the Inbox to the Archive folder. If they are part of a conversation, then they will still be viewable in the Inbox when using conversation mode, otherwise you can view them in the Archive folder…

  2. The first option determines how often the archiving will run, the second option determines which messages to archive.

In this example the process will run every 10 days, and will move messages older than 120 days to the archive folder.

  1. Automatic Archiving in eM Client is a process to free up space on the server and declutter your Inbox by moving older messages to a local folder. If you want to leave the messages on the server, then you don’t need to use Automatic Archiving.
  2. The message is marked as read depending on the setting you have selected in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read. By default it is 3 seconds. This will start from the time the message has completed downloading. So if you click on a message with a huge attachment, only once the attachment is downloaded will the 3 seconds begin.
    If the messages are marked as unread, that will not slow down the computer.
  3. a. You can view the messages in eM Client in the Archive folder, which will be below your account folders, and below Local Folders…5. b. The archive will grow as you add items to it.

Just a quick note about Gmail-- When you auto archive, by default the email is NOT deleted from the Gmail server-- it is stripped of any labels but still resides in the All Mail folder (and is copied to the local folders).  If you want Gmail to delete the message on the server with auto archive, you can change a setting in Gmail (web client).  Go to settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP and change the option for “When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from last visible IMAP folder” to ‘Immediately delete the message forever.’

Thank you - really helpful advice!

As I mentioned, I send / receive a lot of emails… I sent out a bulk email to 75 people advising them of a public meeting using plain text COPY/PASTE from an alphabetized list … and only the first 24 names (A thru D) would ‘stick’ in the SEND TO function of eMClient.   The other people did not get the list.  I used Thunderbird to send out the message to the same 75, and all 75 got the email w/o problems.  Is there a ‘cap’ or limit on how many addressees you bulk mail?  (I just saw eM Client allows you to send individualized emails using  ‘Send as   mass mail’ but I dnk if this answers my question: Is there a CAP on #s of addressees I can send to?    Thanks!

There is no limit in eM Client to the number of addresses you can use for a single email, but there might be an unsupported character in the list at contact 24 that is truncating the list when pasted. Can you paste the list again into a new email and see how many addresses are pasted?

Some other email clients handle such lists differently and may be more forgiving than eM Client when encountering an error.

Thank you!

I ported over my list to Notepad++ and located one key spot when it had a < instead of a " and that’s what was truncating my email.  My oops.  I pasted the improved list into eM client and it looks like it will work … thanks!!