The Death Button

I’m just trying out eM Client today for the first time, and compared to the permanent mess that Thunderbird had become, It’s really shining brightly. Loving it so far, but one question:
Is it possible to remove (or at least move) the fatal “Reply All” button?? Seriously, I once got fired from a job because of it. A group of us were discussing the workplace situation pretty frankly by email, when one of the friends hit the Reply All button by mistake, which sent very blunt criticisms and mutinous mutterings about the management directly TO the management. Ay yi yi, heads rolled, including mine, even though I hadn’t said anything really bad. So some of us are living in fear of Reply All. Please help us put our fears to rest.

This is one example- of many- why a user customizable toolbar needs to be implemented with the eM Client program.

It is planned but it has lower priority than some other features.