The attachment cannot be downloaded.

I can not download any attachment from my email, I am getting “Attachment cannot be downloaded”, the version I have is: 7.1.32792.0, I already checked the rules and I do not have any, we checked the settings from my email provided and they are okay, tried closing the app and restarting the computer, I have the latest version so far, what else can I do?

Hi Dorothy,

I don’t think you have the latest version if you’re using 7.1.32792.0
I’m borrowing  below quote from Gary Curtin - he must have written this a 1000 times lol

Gary Curtin
First thing you should do is update to the latest version. You can download it directly from the Release History. See if that makes any difference.

At the moment the latest published version is 7.2.36908. 

The reason that your version doesn’t show an update is because in some  earlier versions
the update mechanism didn’t work.

Then try again. Which Windows version are you using?