The archive button creates duplicate messages in the "All Mail" folder.

Seriously, when you advertise your client with “full synchronization with Gmail”, I really don’t expect “full duplication”! I am disappointed and feel like I have been tricked into wasting a full vacation day evaluating eM Client.

Also, why is the “Archive” button only available in the Inbox and not in all folders? How can I remove all labels from an email without actually deleting it? I must be missing something here… Please help.

After more investigation I find that it is not so simple:

  • In Inbox, I click the “Archive” Button
  • Then I select the “All Mail” folder, and see the just archived email twice
  • I close and reopen the eM Client
  • Select the “All Mail” folder
  • For half a second I still see both duplicates, then one disappears

What is going on? Why doesn’t the synchronization work immediately?

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What are the recommended Gmail IMAP settings to use with eM Client? Specifically the Auto-Expunge options..

I am still fighting with the “Archive” button in eM Client. I creates duplicate messages in my “All Mail” folder.

I am wondering if this behaviour is related to the Gmail IMAP settings and if I have to adjust the default settings?

Could someone from eM Client please confirm the correct/suggested settings to use with eM Client?



please always if possible use topic with same problem, it helps forum to be organized and easy to use.

Anyway this is how archiving with Gmail works so it is not issue. They have some labels and we have them as separate copies, it all goes into all mail and after re-synchronization Gmail automatically remove duplicated email.


I still don’t know if the IMAP settings are related to my issue and I thought the new topic would make a good reference question for other users looking for the recommended Gmail settings.

And please don’t tell me the user that my issue is not an issue. That just makes me more frustrated.

You didn’t really answer any of my questions, so here they are again:

  • Why doesn’t eM Client synchronize the All Mail folder immediately when I select it?
  • And what are the recommended Gmail settings in the area that I highlighted in my screenshot?



em Client synchronize it because IMAP synchronizes immediately. Feature will work how I have described it because as I have written it is how it is implemented.

as for those options that depends on your preferences.

first one:
if it is on then it will synchronize automatically when you delete message
if it is off then it waits until you make manual synchronization

second one things that it will do are explained in those options.