The appearence of the font in composing an email

How can we enlarge the appearance of the font without changing the font? The original font looks so small.  We do not want to change the font since it will change the appearance of the email on receipt side. We just want to the font look bigger on our side.

Hi Sibo,

You’re lucky - this is a simple method (or 2)
Ctrl +    = larger ; Ctrl -    = smaller
or Ctrl  and mouse wheel forward .& backward do the same thing as above,
zoom in & zoom out.
Before you send, bring it back to small and see if the layout
is as intended.


THANK YOU.  It was driving me crazy!!!

Hi Thomas,
Thanks - Glad it was useful.
What people don’t realize is that zooming in or out
doesn’t affect the size of the actual font used.
It just helps with composing.

Same goes for webpages…

Problem is, once you do it – say you inadvertently make the font minuscule like I did, it affects all folders and remains small even after you close and reopen emClient – even after a restart!  I would never have thought that.  Thanks again for your helpful message.

Hi Thomas.

Just do your magic trick again and adjust to an average size.
It doesn’t affect the chosen font size  in the Settings for mail.
Just don’t return your zoom in to a miniscule size and everything will be fine.
No restart needed.