That's it! Leaving eM Client

I just saw this: “eM Client requires at least once per 14 days to connect to the update server so we can validate a license”

This seems way invasive to me.
Coupled with the number of problems I have had with this program so far (ranging from ‘Minor’ to ‘Show Stopper’), I’m going to uninstall eM Client and write the money off as a loss.

I don’t believe the 2 software licenses I knowingly purchased with online activation, Windows and Photoshop, call home on a regular basis the way eM Client does.

I was very excited when I found eM Client. The bugs cooled my enthusiasm a bit, but … ok.
This calling home to keep working is the last drop for me, however.
Thunderbird is free and wonderfully stable!

Sorry to hear, though I also think eM’s counter piracy to enforce every 14 days is a bit steep as well. But yeah, Thunderbird is definitely not my taste, as I would prefer Outlook Express over Thunderbird any day. There’s not much credit I can give for the flexibility and functionality by the cost of over complex setting and UI.

As for Windows:…
Adobe is not any better. The failure to make better and more innovative software because of market dominance - there’re no better than Microsoft. Photoshop is definitely not the best graphic editing software in terms of functionality or ease of usage, but yeah, much like Windows - you don’t have a choice. Since it is the market de factor standard, you bond to use it. One way or the other software giant these days tend to have some form of opt-in service that majority of user aren’t aware of unless you read the T&C very carefully. Some don’t even state they do at all, till some user break the day light. At least eM is being upfront when the problem arise.



please accept our apologies for this inconvenience we are working on a hot fix!

Best regards

eM Dev & Jerry