That pregnant pause, when trying to search your emails

This is something the engineers need to fix… a major point of irritation.

When I go to the top right to search my email based on a character string, I insert a single character in the search window, and instantly, eMClient freezes for a moment and prevents me from completing the character string.  I’m sure it is only on the order of 10 or 12 seconds, but…  If I had completed the string and hit enter, I wouldn’t be complaining.  The behavior that interrupts me while typing that character string is the irritation. 

Strange, it waits for me to type the entire string.  Does it attempt to return search results when you type in a character without hitting enter?

Yes.  It immediately starts trying to search with the first character entered, and eMClient becomes non-responsive while it is doing this.  I need to wait about 10 or 12 seconds before I can continue typing the rest of the string.  Irritating as can be.

Mine gives a drop-down of matching email addresses after the first character I type, but it is almost instant.

Mine starts to give addresses.  My contact list must be very large.  I have also noticed that the search requires a “*” at the beginning if I am going to search for a character string in the middle of the email address.

I tested it with a 10,000 member contact list, and it makes no difference on my test computer.

Also, you should be able to type any part of the address for it to work, without the wildcard. Maybe that wildcard requirement was dropped in more recent versions. If you are not using the latest version, you can download and install it from

I think the wildcard requirement was removed in recent versions.  I note that the search function works differently than it used to.  Not sure which version, as I always used wildcards.