Thanks to the user community

The user community for this product is definitely worthy of praise, and is the company’s greatest asset whether it knows this or not.  I have received very helpful, informative and quick replies to every post.  And while I still have concerns about the product, what I do not have a concern about is whether I could count on peer-based support going forward.  So I hope someone from the company is listening - you have a great user community and that is a tremendous asset.  

And I’m sure my next two comments come as no surprise:  First, I strongly encourage the company to be more active and to respond to the user community more frequently.  Granted I haven’t been here that long, but I’ve done a tremendous amount of reading.  And it’s IMHO that company involvement is lacking, relative to what I see elsewhere.  And second, it was pointed out to me that the company provides excellent support to PAYING LICENSEES.  I recommend more attention be paid to those EVALUATING the product - like me.  It’s a wonderful catch-22, becoming a paying customer is highly dependent on my evaluation of the product, which is highly dependent on having my questions answered by the company.  There are ways around wasting time on folks who are only interested in FREE STUFF - and other companies do in fact operate differently.  

But if there is -1- thing that makes me lean toward this product, it’s the user community.
THANKS to everyone who has replied!
Kind Regards,
David Invenio

Hello David,

Thank you for your kind words. We are aware of our great user’s community and all the help it provides to our customers on the forum. As we’re continuously improving our customer support, I believe we’ll able to be more active on the forum as well. 

With regards,

Thanks for the reply - As I mentioned in a reply to another user a few minutes ago - Ultimately our decision is going to come down the PEOPLE behind the product - and not nearly as much about who has which fancy feature or comes out with the most frequent “oh you gotta have this” updates.  Then again we’re developers so are mostly-alien and have not much in common with most computer users! :-)  

As a footnote about my post - I have found that emails to the sales department with questions does result in a quick reply with (mostly) useful information.  Compared to my experiences with other companies, it was better in both timeliness and content.  But I should add that I didn’t ask very technical questions, but I will be doing that today with some outstanding issues I haven’t been able to workaround.  I will post here with my results.