Thanks for the bug fixes!

Thanks for the last bug fix release; it’s fixed a couple of problems for me!

Since these topics are used for marketing, I’d better balance it out:
There are still various outstanding issues, but the main ones for me are the lack of an isolated “Today” agenda view and broken repeating task reminders.

Since there aren’t any published release notes, I’m curious what fixes you found.

I found the following two fixes:

  1. The Uploading to folder failed with an error: Invalid Value error message no longer appears all the time.

  2. Another error that occurs all the time. I can’t remember the details, though. (I’ve reported so many problems that it’s hard to keep track of them; eM Client is full of flaws.)

On an interesting note: it looks like this topic has been converted from “Praise” to “Question” so it won’t appear on the website. They don’t seem to want people to know that eM Client is not a high quality product.