Text to speech functionality missing

is there a chance to add a text-to-speech functionality to the em Client? I haven’t found anything in that direction. I like the em Client, it is almost perfect because the client can be adapted in many ways.
But one problem is remaining. I am going to use the em Client for a disabled person without any reading abilities. Is there any chance to add a text-to-speech functionality? That would be really great.
Any ideas are welcome.
Best regards

You can install some text to speech app on the device, or use Windows own accessibility settings to do this, and it will work across most applications.

I agree with Johannes. eM Client is very good; on the whole I can’t fault it. Text-to-speech would greatly enhance its functionality however.
I generally want to ‘read aloud’ an email before sending. Using Windows accessibility settings has been suggested, however this has been tried and the software is clumsy and difficult to use for a number of reasons. Instead, I find I need to copy and paste into Word or Natural Reader to read, then copy back. Workable, but not ideal.