Text color in menus in theme file

How do you set the text color in the menus (“File”, “Tools”, etc) in a theme XML file?

can you please specify the question?

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I would like to change the text color of the top level Windows window menu items (File, Edit, View, Actions …) from black to white. I’m trying to create a dark theme by editing a theme XML file and cannot find an appropriate tag/value pair for text color of top level menus. I’ve changed almost all the background color values to black, and almost all the other text color values to white, but the text color of the menu titles has not changed.


Hi, you should be able to change the color of those items by changing this item:


If that doesn’t work there’s unfortunately no other option to change it.
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Changed that. It’s #FFFFFF.

Guess I can’t then.

Thanks for the time!

I’m having a similar problem. I would also like to change the text color for the items in the Agenda sidebar and on the settings dialog which now has black text on a black background. Any update on this would be greatly appreciated for the sake of the wonderful green-screen style theme I am creating :slight_smile:

Click on the built-in Dark theme in Settings. Now use the Advanced button to save that theme to your desktop. Open it up with a plain text editor and examine its settings to compare to your own theme. If you are using an advanced plain text editor, e.g., TextEdit or Editpad Pro, you can open the two files in comparison mode, see all the xml tagss highlighted nicely, and then examine where things are different. I suggested the Dark theme but do the same with any of the built in themes that are similar to what you are seeking.