Terrible support experience

I have had a ticket open with support since January 4th. After initially getting a prompt response on January 5th, I have received no updates and no help with resolving my eM Client crashing repeatedly. This has been a colossal waste of money. VIP support is a joke. I recommend NOT purchasing this product until they actually start to provide the support that they say they will provide.

Removed detail as I received a response from support to rectify the situation. I will update with the resolution when it occurs.

I am wondering what you hope to achieve by posting your conversation with Support here on a user supported forum. Do you think that your fellow users may have a better understanding of your problem when missing screenshots and redactions make it impossible to follow?


I am terribly sorry to see that we failed to provide an accurate response. Could you send me a link to the ticket in question so we can review it please? Contact me directly at [email protected].

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See below, I FINALLY got a response from someone at eM Client to support me. Mission accomplished.

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Don’t forget to keep this thread updated with any fix or solution.

This appears to be fixed in the latest release.

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