Terms & Conditions

Does anyone have a link to eM Clients Terms of Use (T&C’s)

Sounds like this should be directed to [email protected]

Hi thanks for responding,

Puzzled as to why these documents are not on their website. I just want to know what/how user data is handle when eM Client is installed and what is relayed back to eM servers.

There is a link to this on the bottom of every page on our website.

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Didnt even notice this. Was looking for 15mins+ and all the time this was in my face.


Can someone from eM Client chime in on these question pls.

The Customer understands and consents that eM Client will receive and store (i) usage information, (ii)
data related to validity of license based on the unique ID generated on the Designated Hardware, (iii)
primary e-mail address being set up within the Software and (iv) information from alphanumeric
identifiers (cookies) transferred to the Customer through the Customer’s browser to enable to keep track of a life cycle of customers.

My Questions.

When eM Client states you will receive, and store usage information does this include content within received emails and senders email address?

When you state you will receive and store the primary e-mail address being set up within the Software, does this include the password to that and any other email account added to the software?

The information taken from my computer and stored on eM Client’s servers, is this information sold to or shared with any associates/partners to eM Client?

No it does not. We don’t have access to the contents of your email.

No. We don’t have access to your passwords.



Thanks for this information. I can go ahead and order a license now.