Templates not applying formatting for Gmail client

Templates do not work for emails send to Gmail clients. The email will look as intended within eM but at the very least font colour is dropped when read within Gmail directly. If the colour is manually changed whilst composing the message then it comes through. Could it be to do with embedded style sheets?

thank you for pointing this out, I’m passing the issue to the developers to see if there’s something we can do about it.
But quick explanation, if we open the source code of the message in Gmail the font color is assigned to the email, so it looks like a Gmail issue.

But still we’ll take a look at it.
Thank you,

Hi Paul

Thanks for the response. I did a little more digging after I made my original post:

It appears that eM is using the tag to apply the template style to a new HTML message and that Gmail (in the browser) ignores styles embedded within that tag when it displays the messag. A message composed and sent from eM thus loses all of the formatting that should be applied by the template, when opened within Gmail.

The same message opened with Outlook looks very similar to the way it was composed in eM as it parses and applies the tag’s style.

A message composed and sent from Outlook displays very similarly in both Gmail and eM as it did when it was composed. The difference is in how Outlook applies the template formatting (or “Stationery” as it’s called) to the HTML text. It doesn’t use the , placing the formatting within each tag instead. Would it be possible to make eM do something similar?

Please let me know if the developers need any additional information in identifying the cause of the problem and possible workarounds.

I just discovered eM yesterday whilst hunting for a suitable Outlook 2010 replacement that actuallty knows how to interface with Gmail/IMAP servers properly and I’ve been very impressed with the program so far. Hoping this problem can be resolved. Thank you.

Scott Barnes

Hi, thank you for the notes, we’ll be looking into this.