Template variables don't always work

I set a template like this:

   Dear {Salutation}
   This is my test sent on {Long Date}

I made sure the contact I was going to use has the Salutation field entered with some text.

When the email arrived, it had:

   This is my test sent on 25 August 2017
Could be embarrassing as there is no preview before sending.

I’m new to eM Client. While I do enjoy its lovely layout and UI, I would still have to go back to Thunderbird if I can’t solve the mass emails and variables problem. Basically the variables just didn’t work for me! I sent so many tests and none of them showed the variables that I saved on contacts. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. 

Yes, one of the unfortunate shortcomings of eM Client, and probably the only reason I still have Thunderbird installed on my computer.