Temp file affecting images in email signature

I’m copying and pasting the signature from another email within eM Client.  My company’s email signature is more on the complex side with a company logo and social media icon images that are web links.  I wouldn’t be able to insert all the images to recreate the signature because I would lose the live link function.  My signature was fine for months, but I feel with the last update something happened.  The only work around I discovered was that in the eM Client temp file folder (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\eM Client temporary files), when I setup my signature the images would be in the temp folder.  As soon I exited the program, the folder would empty and the next time I opened eM CLient all the images in my signature were gone.  At the moment I have a copy of the temp folder on my desktop with all the images of my signature in it.  I replace the temp file every time I open eM Client.  Hoping a fix is in the works.  I’m ready to buy licenses for my staff, but not until this problem is solved.

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