Telenet connecting to eM Client

Belgium Client. I was not able to connect my Telenet-mail to the client on Windows 8. No problem with connecting Hotmail. What do I have to do/change.

Are you getting any error messages? Can you post it here?

After filling in e-mail and password in automatic setup (domain, imap settings because of windows 8)
->retrieving server configuration (tries for some minutes)
->tries normal ‘imap4’ server configuration (tries for some more minutes)
->server ‘imap.telenet’ demands authentification -> I accept with ‘yes’
->tries normal ‘SMTP’ server configuration (keeps on turning)

In that case set your account manually: Tools - Accounts - New account - Mail - Other

Hello, I’m having the same problem with the same provider. Manual setup gives the same issues.

These are the settings that I can find on the provider website:
SSL: yes
port: 993
authentication: yes
SSL: no
port: 25
authentication: no

When completing these settings it seems that EM client cannot login with username/password although I’m very certain that these are correct.

Can you post here a screenshot of the error message? Thanks.

Hello, thanks for the quick answer. I found the solution. Imap isn’t standard activated for each account. One can activate it through a special website of the provider.

:smiley: Thanks for the info. I did not expect that …