tasks sync via calDav: updates of tasks made on external software are not shown on eM-Client

Deal eM-Client team, dear all,

Thanks for accepting support queries.

I have noticed an issue with tasks syncing and updating via CalDav. Once a task created (be on eM-Client, be on an external applicatoin, open Tasks for Android, for instance), the taks can be modified or updated on eM-Client and, after syncing, changes show on any othe app synced to the same CalDav calender. The oposite seems not to work. Changes made on third apps (open tasks, Thunderbird), do no show on eM-Client. And, if changes are made to that task on eM-Client, they are made based on the last version of the tasks showing on eM-Client, and the changes made via third app are lost.

Could you possibly look into this issue? Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

I don’t think this is true for all CalDAV providers, and it certainly is not reproducible on GMX CalDAV. I tried. :wink:

If you update a task on Android, is it updated on the provider’s web interface?

Maybe a hint as to who the CalDAV provider is where you have this issue Fernando?