Tasks sync problem - description/body gets erased when syncing

My tasks are not syncing properly. Only the Title syncs. The description/body of the tasks, where all the notes are, do not sync. Everything I type in there gets erased when I pressed sync on eM client (on a pc).

Please help. I have one week before deciding if to make the switch to eM Client from Outlook, and would like eM to work.

what service are you using for Task synchronization? Gmail, or anything else?
And what version of eM Client do you have?

Hi, thanks for answering promptly.

I’m syncing using http://sync2em.com/webdav/ as server, and myaddress@sync2em.com as user name. This is setup in both the PC client and in my Android phone. Calendar and contacts sync fine. Tasks do not.

I just noticed something of importance. The tasks did synchronize properly with the phone: in the Android both the tasks titles and descriptions/bodies show up. The problem lies in the PC eMclient: the descriptions/bodies are only missing there.

To make matters even worse, descriptions/bodies are only missing in about 50% of the tasks, and I see no identifying/bundling pattern on the tasks with missing data. Importance and due dates are not relevant. Neither is the format of the text. I’ve recreated them all from scratch, typing them in, but when I synchronize (by clicking on send/receive on the PC client), eventually, the text in the description gets wiped out - and I say eventually because it may take more than one sync.

This makes no sense at all, and makes eMclient absolutely unreliable.

I’m using eMclient version 4.0.15145.0. Latest version available I believe.

Please let me know what else do you need from my side. Thank you very much.

could you send me one of the problematic tasks saved in .ics format? Simply right click on it and choose Save as. Then send it directly to me at wilson@emclient.com
Thank you.