Tasks of right sidebar are just insufficiently printable, even with system printing dialogue

Hi there,
printing task details out of other tasks in the right side Agenda surprises:

  1. if I like to print just determined pages of a task with a list of notes, say page 2 til 4, it’s not possible to preview even thumbnails of all pages in the emClient printing dialog to print just a segment of a single task (which has eg a list in the note field, which is longer than eg 10 pages).

  2. It’s not even possible to select or determine exact pages in this dialogue. Nor the layout determinations like in the system printing dialogue. Several other very usual settings for printing dialogues are missing.

  1. Anyway. The offer, to change to the system printing dialogue seems to be the most clever choice of the day. But… surprisingly negative. All choices in the following system print dialogue are completely ignored by emClient, eg selected pages as well as layout half or quarter, instead emClient print all task notes - the full range - whole page long, all the way down. Not really helpful.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-10 um 22.36.29

  1. Moreover: instead of printing, there are more options in the system print dialog, eg save as PDF or open in preview. Most surprisingly the preview selection prints (?!?) the whole task as above mentioned, but doesn’t open preview, as offered.

Not understandable, maybe a heavy programming failure?!

Usage: emClient 8.0.3499 (72a5416), MacOS 10.15.7

Best and thanks for any effort to clear up this special problem,

When trying to print out a single task in EMC in the detailed view, the note field (if long) is truncated and EMC will not print everything??? Any ideas what’s wrong?

The only work around I’ve been able to come up with is to put all of the note field details into a separate file (like MS Word or Notes) and attach that file to the task. Then if you want to print out the details you open the attached file and print it out using the print functions of the app you used… lots of extra work and file management. Overall the print functionality and flexibility inside EMC is poor and needs to be brought up to that of other applications like Outlook, Word, etc.