Tasks : Fast creation mode


When we have quite a lot of taks to add, it’s tedious to go through different to create each task. I suggest a fast creation mode which could looks like a note in which we could either quickly fulfill all in the task we have in mind or to paste directly a list of task we have elsewhere (notepad, evernote and so son).
This way, we keep focus on the numerous ideas we have in mind and not on the different steps which make us forget some things.

In this note, we would separate each task by one line. Once the edition is finished, we click on finish and EM client would identify all tasks (as they are all separated by one line), label first, and task content below, so that it’s a faster and more confortable way to create tasks list.

Hi, this is not planned at this moment, but it depends on how people will request it. I find it quite useful so I mark it under consideration.


Thanks, feel free to vote for it

You can also quickly add a new task in the right column, in the edit field with the (light gray) text “add new task” in the ‘agenda’ part.

screen shot:

Yes, good point

was this solution what you have wanted to be implemented?


Not at all :slight_smile: as it’s “only a useful tip” matching something different of the “Fast creation mode” i described and suggested.

looking good

We don’t have that with themes of recent releases (7.x)