Tasks are buggy

Hi, I’m having quite a few issues with the reliability of local tasks in eM Client 6. Quite often, reminders are removed, dates and times are changed and recurrences forgotten, leaving me with no confidence in what is actually being stored.

For example, if I create a Task with start, due and reminder dates of today at 8am, when I save and re-open, the reminder is now at 13:21 (which is the current time).

If I add a recurrence of every Wednesday to this task and then open the series, the due date is changed to 13:18 and unticked.

If I complete the task, a new one is created for next Wednesday, but, when I open the series, both due and reminder dates are disabled. If I correct the dates and times and save, the whole series seems to be reset back to the start (thus deleting any recurrences of the task on future dates). If I open the series, this whole thing starts again with the reminder date being changed. If I open only the occurrence at this point, the reminder date is disabled.

Are there known problems with the task system, as it doesn’t seem to work properly? I have a lot of recurring tasks, so this is quite important for me. I am happy to provide further information or help with debugging.

A little bump, as this is quite an annoying problem for me. Is anyone else using tasks and having these issues?

Hi Mark,

which specific version of eM Client do you have?

Hi Hans, I’m using v6.0.19861.0. I’m using the ASP.NET 4 version, although I’ve tried Tasks on ASP.NET 2 and the above is still reproducible.

I, I am sorry for longer delay, anyway I have tested it and it is really happening as you say.

Problem seems to be with tasks with “zero” length. Anyway it is reported and it should be repaired as soon as possible.


Hi John, thanks for getting back to me and I look forward to receiving the fix. In the meantime, what do you mean by a ‘zero-length’ task? Is there a way to workaround this bug until it is repaired?

a ‘zero length’ task is probably a task in which the start and end/due time are the same.

Ah, of course. :slight_smile: I’ve done a quick test and it seems to be slightly better if I have a task length, but there are still problems with the reminders on recurring tasks.

Do you use your calendar on Gmail?


I don’t use Gmail. I’m using a calendar via CalDAV and this seems to be working correctly.

Wait, so do you have issue you wrote about in previous post or it has been solved?


I do have the issue, but it’s with local tasks, not Gmail tasks.

wait so do you have this problem on CalDAV or with local folders?

I’ve had problems with both local and CalDAV, but am currently only using local.

can you please try updating eM Client to this version (http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.200…) and let me know if the problem persists?

I was unable to replicate the issue in this version so hopefully it’s been resolved.

Thank you,

Hi Paul, I’ve run a quick test, but, unfortunately, it seems that tasks still perform as I describe in my original post. I think individual tasks might be okay, but there are definitely problems with due and reminder dates when adding a recurrence.

If you need any further information or testing from me, please let me know.

Hi, I’ve successfully replicated the issue, I’m passing it to the developers and hopefully fix will come soon.

Thank you for pointing this to us, please be patient.

Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Hi Paul, any news on this?

Hi, yes we’ve already made some changes in our current internal release, but thanks to your post I’ve just checked that there’s still some issues with this.

But I hope when a new update is released it will be working.

Thank you,