Tasks and Meetings from Contacts

It’s useful to create meetings and tasks from mails but … Many times a make an appointment from a contact or a group of them. Why don’t you enable “create a task / meeting” from contacts and include its mail in the attendees list?

Moreover, In order to minimize typing and jumping to contacts constantly, there could be more options that should be set up in the settings dialog, I would find interesting to:

  • automatically fiill the location with the contact’s location (or in case of several contacts you could choose from several rules; first of them the most common location, a prededined default location, blank or … my own location)
  • automatically fill de notes field with a list of names of the attendees and their phones.

Excellent idea!

Although Emclient is primarily an email client, the fact that it includes contacts, tasks and calendar, it seems a logical progression to include this function.

For me this would make this possibly the most vital business tool I use!

Maybe future enhancements, as well as Chat, send and receive SMS, now that is something to savour!

Hi Marcel, thank you for the suggestion, eM client could surely  use such options, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.
Also note that the more people follow up with this issue and show their support using either the “Me too” button or replying to this post, it highly improves the possibility for implementing such feature.

Thank you,

Hi Steve,

eM Client already support multiple chat systems.

In the vertical bar on the right, is a group called ‘chat’.

Chat feature is a long time supported feature, however your mail service has to support it, or you can use one of the available services such as Jabber, google talk or even facebook.
SMS sending is currently not supported and is not a planned feature for future releases.

Thank you,

oops, my punctuation was not the best, it should have been that as well as the already available chat SMS would be great.

But hey great and speedy support, this really is a great product to use.

This suggestion was made three years ago and there has been no follow up.  This would be a GREAT feature and separate em Client from most other programs like it.   I strongly support this feature.