Taskfolders with Number of Tasks in List and Coloring


I would like to suggest 2 features for the management of my tasks.

Is it possible to add the number of tasks contained in a task folder at the end of the name of the folder? This helps me to see if a folder is empty or not.

e.g.: 00 Eingang (16)

Is is possible to add a color to a taskfolder? This colors are already used e. g. in iOS to color a task folder there (i use CalDAV to keep my tasks in sync). I wonder if it is possible to have a little sqare at the begining of the folder name of a Taskfolder in the defined color of the corrosponding tasklist. Just like the list “Tags (Etiketten)” which shows the tag lists (if actived in settings/general/display tags folder)

Thanks in advance!

The actual design of the task list


Example like tag list


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I would also like to see this implemented. Is this feature being considered? Color coding of tasks is essential to me.

I would also appreciate the color coding of the tasks. The calendar entries are already color coded. The colors are even taken over there from Server. (Like on my Apple devices.) I wouldn’t care if the color of the server or the folder/list is taken over (compare Apple). But in the current display of the list of tasks you can not see where the task comes from. Apple shows that it can be done. The colors are stored on the server (here: Baikal) and it works in the calendar. Is it possible that the programmer just overlooked that ? :wink:

If your provider supports it, you can use tags.