Taskbar notification doesn't turn on on new mail in folders


Been using eM for a good while now. It’s mostly good, but there are some annoyances. Perhaps the biggest one for me is that when I get new mail in any of the folders (but not the inbox), the taskbar envelope notification does not come on.
I could never understand the logic behind it, probably most business users use rules to file emails into folders and some of those can be more important that the uncategorized stuff in Inbox and yet we get less visuals for this type of mail.

Note that I am not talking about unread counts in the folder list tree (though those could use some work as well). I am also not talking about IMAP aspects such as enabling push on folders. Just a simple fact that the yellow icon is not shown on my taskbar when a new item in a folder is detected, whenever and however that takes place.


Hello Yury, unfortunately if the message is moved by a server rule to another folder, the IMAP protocol doesn’t include this information about the message content, the application can simply download the folder’s content but it’s not possible to display notification for a message synchronised from another folder.

If you don’t have the “Download messages for offline use” option enabled, eM Client only has an information about new unsynchronised messages in this folder on the server, which is displayed by a ‘…’ indication next to the folder’s name. If you have the option enabled, eM Client should be able to display the unread count since the messages have been synchronised automatically.

Unfortunately though, eM Client does not have the information, when the unread messages have been received.

We’re however considering improving this in future releases.

Hope this helps,