task : viewing only those that are over their start date ?

I can’t find a way to view only tasks, where are older than the start date.This is very difficult with tasks, that come back every month : the next appears right away, right after you complete that of the previous month. So tasks are in the window way before start date.

Is there a way to fix that with a smart folder : can I put up a query that only shows me tasks with a start date >= ‘today’. I can’t find a query substitute for ‘today’ ??

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I don’t understand you, in left bar - tasks you can order task so you can always find what you need.

If you want to have easy editing recurring task why don’t you use calendar events?

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About the task view, standard behaviour seems to be :

  1. the task view shows _all_ tasks.
  2. the calendar view (task pane at the bottom) shows tasks that are are over their due date.

I would like a task view, where only tasks are seen that _passed_ their start date. I created a smart folder in the task view for that purpose.
BUT I can’t find a way to update the date query selection by itself every day to ‘today’. Something like a Date() function. My date is always hardcoded in the query. Only solution is to renew the query every day, not that practical.

SO BOTTOM LINE : is it possible to make a query that auto-implements ‘today’ in its arguments ?

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Now I understand you fully what you want, but unfortunately it is not possible to show tasks that are starting in “current” day only.