Task time incorect

Task times are not saving correctly. I set a task on my phone in gtasks, it shows in em client correctly and on the correct date but the time i set is not correct in em client it is set as a totally different time is their a way to fix this. I have checked my Google time zone and computer time zone etc.

Is it shown correctly on Google? If so, could you please send me the event saved as .ics? Thank you.

After looking more deeply it seems google does not support timed reminders in gtasks! I use and app called gtasks in Android which allows this feature but apparently does not sync with google as they dont offer this feature so i guess this is why it does not sync time with em client.

OK, thank you for the info.

I have the same problem now, in 2019, with the actual EM Client version (7.2.34711.0) and the Google Tasks for Android app (1.5.241299733.release): tasks created in Google Tasks with a date and a time are shown in EM Client with date but without time, and vice versa, if I create a task on the computer in EM Client, in Google Tasks only date is shown, but the time not. Any suggestion?