Task Start and Due should not default

When you create a Task in eM Client, the Start and Due dates are both defaulted to current system date / time, and both are defaulted to TRUE (box checked). This makes no sense at all from a process perspective. And it’s annoying :slight_smile:

On create, a Task may or may not have a known or planned Start date, or a Start date may not even be appropriate for the type of Task. The only time when defaulting today’s date would be appropriate is if, e.g. you were constructing a ‘to do’ list for today. But by definition, this will be only a very, very small percentage of all Tasks create globally in eM Client. So most users, most of the time will have to change Start or uncheck it.

To have Due date/time default = Start date/time is nonsense :slight_smile: Tasks by definition have an elapsed time, so Due <> Start. It might, in a small percentage of cases, be Due today, but not after zero seconds!

The only arguments for pre-defaulting values in a system are to improve efficiency, speed of data entry, accuracy, save clicks, etc. For a program like eM Client, you can’t define a standard process, so you have to leave it open. From design viewpoint, this has to be configurable by the user, or as a minimum, you should leave check boxes = NULL. 

Otherwise, great little program!

Hi Jim, thank you for your constructive criticism, we’ll surely take a look at the setup and consider some improvements for future releases.

Thank you,