task reminder time does not handle 24h-format

In Germany time format is 24 h.
Once you set a task with due time “15:30”, the reminder is (re-)set to “03:30”.
Any other example works false the same way.

In other words: A severe bug that wakes me up in the night for a “happy” tea-time.

S.o. might consider to maintain a.m./p.m. during 12-24-conversion?

Could you be please more specific how you create the task? By default the reminder is one day before the due time and during our testing it behaves exactly as it should regardless the 12/24h format.

Tasks are in a non-local CalDAV folder, e.g. iCloud or fruux account.

  1. Set your system to 24-h-time.

  2. Create a new task in the fruux folder, just set a title and save.

  3. Open the task again and look at the reminder date in comparison to the due date.

You will see a due date of e.g. 23:59 (why so?) and a reminder of 11:59.
The rest is obvious, I guess.

B.t.w.: eM Client 5.0.17399

With 5.0.18025 this is still errative.
Who is testing the changes? Me?

Now the tasks reminder is kept in memory when the task is opened and the setting is worse.
Saved CalDAV task: Due: 19:00, Reminder: 15:00
Open the task and change reminder to 10:00 and click due and change to 20:00. The reminder will switch back to 16:00 (1 hour difference from 15:00 like the due time when the task was opened.)

Please take a close look on how Outlook handles these three time stamps and just copy the behaviour. The Microsoft solution much more usefull.

In 5.0.18661 still not fixed.

Will this be fixed in 6.0?


reminder changes it hours when it is changed in due after it by design, we do not plan to change it.

due date 23.59 (from 00:00) is by design all day.

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You did not get it.

24 h format!
Look at the reminder. It is set to 3 a.m. if the due time is set to 15 (3 p.m.)

That’s not a feature but failure by design.

it must be a misunderstanding. It is just a coincidence that it is 3am and 3pm.
For example, considerate the following task:
Start: 0:00
Due: 23:00
Reminder: 11:00

  • the reminder is set 12 hours prior the Due

the way eMClient works is that if you change the Due, it changes reminder also. So if you change 23 to 15 (move it by 8 hours), the Reminder is also moved by 8 hours, so it will be 11-8 = 3.
Now you have Due 15:00 and reminder 3:00, but it is not because of the 24h format, it’s just coincidence that the original reminder was set 12hours prior the due time.

I see your point! If I set a due time of 14 I will be ringed up after midnight. Thanks a lot. :frowning: IMO the default offset should be an hour or so.

Nevertheless the bug is not fixed: Try my posting of May 14, 2013 10:12.
Reminder is reset dependant of the initial due value instead of the one I changed due to.


I am afraid that there is no issue, everything acts like it is designed. Reminder is supposed to reset after you change start or due time.
By design reminder is supposed to be set at last.

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Yes, but the reset should base on the current (changed) values of the form, not on the values that are stored in the calendar before opening the form.

Hello, I forgot to mention that this issue has already been fixed…