task reminder icloud

i’m trying the task reminder with my icloud tasks on iphone. All the tasks are synced perfectly.

-When I create a new task with eM and set “begin”, “end” and “remind” it syncs to icloud/iphone but on the phone I don’t get the reminder. If i open the task on the phone there is no reminder.

  • When I create a new task with eM and set only “end” and “remind” i will get the reminder on iphone

any idea why this happens? Maybe you can fix this :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

I’m afraid I’ll need to see logs for this.
Turn on CalDAV logs for your account in Tools > Settings > Advanced.
Restart eM Client and try making these tasks (one with the begin set and one without).
If the reminder doesn’t work again, please go back to advanced settings and click Send logs.
Change the recipient to rust@emclient.com and add link to this thread to the body of the message.

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Just to answer this issue here on the forums:
After consulting this with our developers, this is an issue where iPhones don’t acknowledge reminders for tasks that have the Start date set in the past. Which can happen during creation of the task, as minutes can pass between the Task’s creation and saving.
This issue should be fixed in upcoming version 7.