Task Management

Hi there,

Maybe it would be helpful, to enter new tasks in one step top of the list on the right, without zapping through different states of appearance on the left side (Agenda state), to enter new tasks in an extra dialogue. The Entry line on the right below the headline “Agenda” doesn’t add tasks below in the list.

Second, the assignment as well as the correction to the category of tasks (cloud folders, shared task folders, local) just via “new task” dialogue seems a little bit clumsy, it would be nice to have a function to assign tasks directly to any defined category, just as it is possible in the calendar state (dates can be dragged and dropped to different colored cloud calendars).

Moreover it would be helpful to see, which category (local, cloud) is preset - I didn’t found the preference to set this preset manually.

Third request is a sorting option for the task list on the right sidebar (prioritisable options like: very important, important, on hold, next week etc) to order the most urgent tasks and prioritise the list.

I use emClient 8.0.3494 (01b4e33) on macOS Catalina.

Thanks for your efforts!!!

It does. Where you see Add new task, type in the task.



When you have entered the task description, hit Enter.

It’s a very simple drop-down list. Not sure how you interpret that as clumsy.

The preset is None. That cannot be changed.

Yes, unfortunately tasks don’t have a priority option in eM Client, therefore you cannot sort by priority.