Task based rules

Hi, Whilst the rules in eMClient are fairly comprehensive, I find they are tedious to manage for one of my use cases and would really benefit from a UI feature on top of the rules.

I have a couple of folders, one called news and mailings, and one called disposable. These are for regular communications from companies, like newsletter, shopping offers, company updates, etc. Depending on the sort of communication I have rules to filter into these two folders. The disposable folder gets pruned every now and again.

But setting up a new email address to go to one of these folders involves

  • Copying the email address
  • Clicking rules in the menu
  • Finding the rule in my list
  • Clicking edit
  • Clicking the list of addresses in the rules
  • Pasting the copied email address
  • Clicking Add address
  • Clicking Save and Close
  • Clicking Finish
  • Clicking the close button on the rules window

A lot of clicks! It seems to me that this could be reduced to just a couple of operations. Right click, Choose “Add email address to rule”, and select the rule. Or there may be a flow that could be a bit more general than this specific use case but is still much shorter.