Task attachments

I use eM Client (free license) with an Outlook 365 account. I have several task lists, many tasks have attached files. Unfortunately, these attachments are not visible in eM Client. I also cannot add attachments to new tasks.
Is this a bug or a limitation resulting from the free license?
Email attachments are handled correctly.

Unfortunately Outlook.com does not support syncing attachments on tasks when the account is setup using IMAP.

But if you setup the account as Exchange, it is possible. The issue is that Microsoft do not always allow Outlook.com accounts to be setup as Exchange, but you can try.

Go to Menu > Accounts > Add Account. Click on Mail > Exchange and setup the account. If it completes the setup, then you are in luck. Back in the main Accounts window, you can remove the account for that address you had previously setup.

Thank you very much for your help. I was not aware that synchronization of attachments via IMAP was not possible.
On my Linux desktop I use Gnome Evolution with an Outlook (Exchange) account. All tasks are synchronized correctly, including attachments. That’s why I knew it was possible.