Takes too long to fill out recipient from contacts. Is this a feature or a limitation?

When I am sending a message, I enter the recipient’s name pretty fast, and tab down to the subject. This was never really a problem with Windows Live Mail as it would already populate the field upon the first letter. (I have only about 20 contacts, so it isn’t as if it has to go through a list of hundreds to figure out who I want.) But trying eM for the first time, I am seeing that it takes a good second or two after finishing before it puts in the right contact. And if I don’t let it do this before tabbing to the subject, it never does it, so when I hit Send, it will pop up a warning telling me the recipient is not formatted properly.

Maybe a stupid question, but is this an option to make you slow down help make sure you get the right person? (So, something I could easily fix?) Or is this a limitation of eM? Because unfortunately, this could be a deal breaker.

No Tom, I don’t think it is purposely trying to slow you down. LOL! For me it is pretty much instant with the same method, and I use it like that all the time.

There are some things that can slow down the application though such as if the database is stored on a slow rpm mechanical disk. 

What version of eM Client and Windows are you using?

I’m using 7.1.33101.0 (which I assume is the latest since I just downloaded it, on a freshly installed, updated Windows 10 on a brand new SSD drive (both freshly installed 3 days ago), so speed should not be an issue. There is a very obvious delay. I have to finish the last letter in the nickname I am typing, and then noticeably pause and wait for the name to pop up.

I CAN pause in the middle and it will bring up any names that match, but again, I have to pause or else it won’t. As long as there is typing, it is not checking against my contact list. Nor does it check against it once I have tabbed down to the Subject line  because even if the name I typed in the field is the full nickname listed in the contact, and clearly only applies to one of my contacts, it will not send, instead warning me that my e-mail was not formatted properly.

Maybe close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe and see if there are any errors with the database.

It says none found.

I really think this is just a speed issue. Most of my nicknames are 3-4 letter nicknames. So I can type them out and tab to the Suspect in way less than a second.

However, I don’t think it even matters. As long as I type consistently, it doesn’t appear to matter how fast I go, as long as it isn’t REALLY slow. I just tried it with a 6 letter nickname. I typed slow but steady. And as long as there isn’t ONE pause long enough for it to give me the potential contacts, it will not give it at all. There needs to be one decent length pause. It doesn’t have to be at the end, but it definitely WON’T pop any suggestions up while I am still typing, as if did on Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. Or maybe those didn’t pop it up fast, but continued to processes the To: field for matches even after I tabbed down to Subject. I don’t know which for sure, but all I know is that no matter how fast I would type it, the To: field would always get populated with the correct contact.

It should be fast, and that is my experience.

Maybe someone else can comment if they have had the same issue.