Tags in Calendar: multiple tags or not

I use the tags in my calendar a lot and the tags are for me mutually exclusive, so a calendar event can have only one tag.When I change the status (tag) of an event from ‘A’ to ‘B’, then two tags are active, so I always have to remove the existing tag and then add the new tag.

Proposal: make an option in the calendar-settings: “Multiple tags possible?”.

  • When multiple tags are possible, then the newest tag is added to the existing tags.
  • When multiple tags are not possible, then the newest tag replaces the existing tag(s).

So you don’t want to be able to use multiple tags?

If you read my description of the required functionality, you will understand that this option is enclosed in my proposed solution.

I have changed this thread to a Feature Request, rather than a question.

That’s nice, thank you

I just saw that I can change the tags while holding the Ctrl of Shift key and then the popup with tags remains open. This gives me the oportunity to check-off one tag and than check-on the other one. This is workable!

Yes, that’s a new addition