Dear sir,

Please help me about the tables… how can we create our custom tables, Means if we dont want to use eM Client table and if we copy something from excel and want to edit more table or want to delete any row how can it be possible…
your guidence will be appriciated…


I am sorry but it is not currently possible.

Wow I just realised this limitation - I have to be able to delete rows… can we expect a fix sometime soon?

try to right click in the table and choose Table - Insert/Delete row.

Thanx George… now it fixes a lot.
ok let me ask one more question… m receiving a system generated email from our server. there are two attacthnments in Excel file… the excel files do not show in xls format but in html format n m not able to download it because it is in the html symbols format… any help!!!


To Qaisar: send me the problematic message saved in .eml format, Thank you.

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Is there a way to delete the full table? Deleting a table row by row is cumbersome and time consuming. The only work around I have found is to right click -> properties -> change the rows & columns to 0 & 0 and then delete that row. There has to be a better way.

hi, unfortunately there is no other way.


I was contacted by another employee who told me to simply click to the left of the table and press the Del key. This worked great for me. You can also highlight the rows you want to delete (as long as you start to the left of the actual table) and then press Del. Works great.

Well, this is something I never used. I’ve forgot this basic Word like “text” edit. Thank you for this information and I am sorry for previous confusion.


This is the problem I am facing. can you please describe the proper suggestion to solve the problem.