Tabbed Chat Notifications

When in tabbed chat, and you are talking to more than one person - can the names of other people be bold when they have sent a message? I thought this used to be the case - not sure if there was a bug in an update. I turn all the pop up notifications off because I prefer just the envelope for privacy. So say I’m talking to Person A and Person B in tabbed Google/Hangouts chat. I see the envelope notification saying I got a new message, so I open my chat window and Person A has sent a message, however so has Person B but I don’t know because his name isn’t bold/flashing in the chat window. I would have to manually check. This can be tedious as if you’re talking to more people you have to go through each chat tab to check if they sent a message.


this feature is planned (and already implemented) into 6th version. So please be a little patient for it’s release.

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