Tab Access control in one account

For one account, if I right clic on Inbox properties, I have a tab “Access Control”.
Why not for all accounts?
What are Group and users name? In one account there are names I don’t know!
Sorry if you find my question so stupid.


Not all email account provider supports this, so it is available only for those who supports it.

group and user name? Can you tell me in what view do you see this or better if you can make screenshot and attach it to here?


I don’t know where admicyr and n9f… come from. I got a look on a local forum in cyrillic, to see the e-mail address, but there is nothing to do with admicyr.

I see now, this does not mean that they are having right to your calendar, these are just shown as available users to share your calendar with.

don’t worry they have absolutely no access to your calendar until you will allow it.


…and who are these users? Do you think in my address book there is somebody n9f000? It is an account I never used. I only received two mails about a new provider.

Some users from your network, you might have created users some folder on Gmail calendar and invited them.

Anyway I see that they are having checked them under “Autoriser” (allow), uncheck them and apply it.


I never invite anyone! I think the mouse made something without telling me :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks. I’ll uncheck everything.

you are welcome :slight_smile: