system upgrade

I upgraded my computer. First of all I’ve been asked to upgrade emClient, what I did successfully. After that it proposed me to import settings from some other accounts. There was also emclient 6 among all other options but I didn’t pay attention to this. So, now I lost all emails and license. Will tell you I had about 30 boxes so it’s VERY hard to set all them back up. So please advice what can I do.

P.S.: support through this forms and forum is quite uncomfortable. And captcha is crazy.

After upgrading from Version 6 to 7, if you skip the import or it is not presented, you can start it  through Menu > File > Import.

I tried the import thing but received the following “Cannot import, the version is too old.” Strange but when upgraded to the new version as recommended by eM Client it pulled in contacts and distribution list but NOT all. That is no big deal for small list but in my case it is a pain in the butt. Also a number of folders containing messages I needed to keep were lost. 

The other problem I find with eM Client is editing format. It seldom works requiring me to do cut & paste using Word then transferring back to eM Client

If you upgraded from a version prior to 6, the import will not work.  You can uninstall version 7 (it will not delete data, but backup anyway) and reinstall the original version.  I suppose you could then upgrade to version 6 and then to 7.  Not sure how licensing would work doing this.

Hello Yuri,

The eM Client Licensing would handle this. It just checks the newest allowed version (for PRO users). Please download a requested version from: