Syncronizing error

Hello , I have this terrible error coming up every 5 minutes: Synchronizing folder list failed with the following error message: the object comment is not set on an instance of an object. What can I do? I have already uninstalled EM client andinstalled a fresh one, but the error is still there. What more can I do? Thank you?

You may have a database corruption issue.  Uninstalling the application does not remove the database, so a reinstall will simply access the old data and the corruption will still be there.

You can try a db repair, by right-clicking on the inbox (“All Mail” in Gmail) of the account, selecting the repair tab and click on repair.  If that doesn’t work, create a new database by:

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Go to c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming and rename the “eM Client” folder “eM Client.old”
3.  Restart eM Client
4.  Reenter your account information

eM Client will create a fresh database and after you reenter your account information, it will resync.

Hello Jay,

Thank you so very much for your reply. I have done what you told me last night. But…unfortunately …nothing has changed. Every 15 minutes the error comes up. I checked in the app data/roaming folder, there are two EM folder now. The “old” one and the new one.

I don’t know about the Data Base repair. I don’t have the repair option if I right click on the all mail or in inbox. Is there something else I could do?

I make everyday a backup.
So after a new installation I always put the last backup back (repair option).
Because I want all my lokal folders with all may emails back in EM client.
Could this be the problem?

Please Help :smiley: …thank you