Syncronize eM with Android

Is it possible to synchronize eM contacts, calendar and tasks with Android? If yes, please tell me how, if not is there a workaround? I was used to this when I used Outlook but now the program I used doesn’t support eM.

Yes it is possible. Simply move all your contacts, calendar and tasks to e.g. Gmail and then set the same account in eM Client and your Android device. It will work without any problems.

In case you folks at eM Client have not noticed, quite a few people have a real need for having their contacts, calendar and task list on their mobile devices. Many also have content in these modules that are too sensitive for storing on the cloud, much less Google which parses EVERYTHING that passes by its way. (The reason why Google has such good technology is because they are selling all the information they gather from their users. Privacy? Not a bit!)

So, a way to sync eM Client without using the Internet is important. Take a look at Essential PIM for an example.

To sync contacts, calendar etc you need either an exchange server, activesync ( account) or a gmail account.

You could use other services such as memotoo but they effectively are just using “open” activesync.