syncronising em between machines

I have a new machine I have added em to it and inputted my mail details and the activation code from the old machine . mails from up to 2 weeks ago have synce but no more. can I get older mails to sync onto thre new machine?

Did you do a backup from the old machine, copy that to a flash drive, and do a recovery/restore on the new computer? 

When I did that from my old one to the new computer I built, everything from my original copy on the old computer got copied over - all emails, contacts, folders, etc.  I think I may have had to redo my calendar appointments though, but all folders and old emails and settings were restored on my new computer just as they were in my old one.

If you were using POP3, then the older emails will be stored on your old computer, and a backup/restore will be the best option.

Hi both thanks for super fats response. No new computoer is a clean install. going from win 7 to win 10 unfortunately. Trying to clear out accumalated dross. This is the second time I’ve done this for em the first everything copied this time not. strange how it only transferred one mail from 2 weeks ago not all from that period. guess I’ll just have to mail the others back to myself. Just to confirm all the mails were in the main list none in personal folders. Thanks again.

If you do a backup of eM Client on the old computer (Menu > File > Backup) and restore it on the new computer (Menu > File > Restore) then the application will have exactly the same data.

Thanks all sorted.